Life happened. (smiles)

26 Jan

In between the last few months, the Whimsical Blog lost it’s little sunshine, only ’cause the layout went haywire. 😀 hehe.. and well, Facebook has been keeping update time over occupied! well.. I’m updating here, with additions from here, there… and from the rainbow realm 😀


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Bind it Beauties…

20 Nov

We don’t have ornamented binder clips readily available and if they are, they’re not quite affordable! Here’s the Firefly option for those who like their stationery a little different.

1″ and 3/8″ clip sizes currently available

My world in ribbons…

20 Nov

When making cards, brag books and other craftsy things, it’s annoying going to the drawer or opening up a box and untying yards and yards of ribbons. *even worse when you have to put them back away* :$

I don’t have any rack or that many spools to latch onto something. I don’t have prettyful jars either. SO… here’s my solution. 🙂

Materials needed:

  • 1- 3/4 inch sheet of thermopole (I recycled a photo board I had made for my sister) I cut it down to the size I wanted.
  • 1-chart paper to cover up thermopole
  • two sided tape (sticky tape)
  • paper cutter
  • binder clips (I used the mini ones)
  • sewing pins
  • ribbons and laces

I covered the thermopole with chart paper, sticking it with two sided tape. Stuck it to the wall. I pierced into the thermopole with sewing pins that I actually use to pin my scarf… this was to hang the binder clips.

I had sorted my ribbons and laces according to color. So each binder clip held together one color… blue, red, orange, green, etc. I hung these according to gradation in color. Black, brown, orange/rust, red, pink, purple, blue, teal, green, and white. 🙂

craft carousel…

20 Nov

I desperately needed a clip-rack to hold all my embellishments… When your materials are in front of you, you know just what to use and where. When it’s stored away, you’re not really being creative. 😉

We don’t get Clip-it up here… So I was surfing about one day. And I fell in love with one blog, cabbiejanescrapper. It’s Cabbie Lopez’s blog. And she is just brilliant with what she does!

I bookmarked her blog and had remembered seeing a similar carousel idea on there. Sadly, couldn’t find the bookmark. 😦 She changed the look of the blog so I couldn’t remember if it was the same one I saw the carousel on. And OH MY GOSH… Thankfully it was 😀

She used an old CD, her hole puncher, a coaster and an old paper towel roll. My version involves an old cd, and a pack of Pringles… with some embellishments, binder clips and paper clips!

This holds my little embellishments and opened up sticker sheets, etc. I have another 70+ sheets of scrapbooking embellishments and stickers that rest in a folder. 🙂

NOTE: If you plan on punching holes through the CD, beware… it is intense labor :p

Not Your Ordinary…

20 Nov

Paper Clip.

Yes, you read it right. Paper Clip. 🙂 These look adorable on notes and cards, I even clipped them onto Firefly gift bags for Eid Orders (some customers got to try them first hand), I even tried em as bookmarks. If you’re on the hunt for something different, you’ve got it here. 😉

I had some cutesie embellishments sitting around, and I thought they’d look totally fab on these! And here we go. The ones as rose bouquets will be available shortly. The other pink and blue sets are sold out. I’m sowwie. I didn’t get a chance to update the blog. *facebook is quicker by the way*

I’m waiting for the market place to open up so I can go purchase more embellishments! Happy clipping…

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PS: I have binder clip photos to add shortly as well. 🙂

More Card Goodness…

20 Nov

I had a client order several cards out of my catalog… I think it’d be nice to get a view of the shimmery metallic material 🙂 Enjoy!

to do or not to do :)

20 Nov

Holidays… Eid just passed and more holidays to follow. Lots of Gift Giving to come 😉 I worked out these note pads for to-do lists after being totally awestruck by Kerry’s. She’s brilliant by the way! I’m innovating em as I go. So let’s see. I’ve also been organizing my workspace so hopefully reaching for materials will be more fun, too. 🙂

Some are with patterned paper, others are with stamps.